Personal Training


Personal Training

Custom Workouts

Looking to gain strength that translates to real life?  Start now!  Schedule w/ Dena for a consultation or your first assessment.  Workouts are offered with top notch equipment at my home gym or outdoors where we can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while getting a great workout.


1 hour • $70

After our initial meeting where I will conduct a complete physical assessment identifying your strengths and weaknesses, I will develop a customized, non-traditional training program for your training level and ability. I will use various functional methods and tools creating an ongoing fresh and fun fitness routine. This program will be a progressive program which will improve your strength, power, flexibility, and aerobic capacity. Together we will continuously apply your physical gains into performance patterns of daily activity and modify the programming to match your evolving needs.


1 hour 15 min • $75

Couples training sessions are wildly successful. Looking for a fun activity to do with your significant other? Get fit together! Team up with your partner, a friend, co-worker or family member for your fitness sessions. You’ll both receive individual level attention, so you can reach your goals, but share your sessions. Working out with someone else helps to keep you motivated, reduces the individual cost, and adds to the fun.

Active Aging

1 hour • $75

Are you or a loved one experiencing a reduction in activity levels due to age related aches and pains. At an increased risk of falling? Between the ages of 30-70 people lose approximately 30% of their muscle mass. This muscle loss over time ultimately results in the reduction of engagement in daily life activities. Humans can build muscle at any age! Don’t miss out on an active, happy life. Let’s work together to keep you strong, mobile and healthy.


1 hour • $75

Designed for clients who are self-motivated, this program offers the benefits consultation and programming developed by a personal trainer, but you’ll follow your program on your own, at home or in a gym. You will meet with your trainer monthly for an evaluation of your progress and the introduction of new workout routines.
Dena Loijos holding weight ball over head
Hello! I'm Dena

I’m your health coach and I’m here to help you achieve your goals. I’m passionate about creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle through nutrition (not dieting!) and exercise. I’m here to listen to what’s been challenging for you and help you create a plan that makes sense for your life.

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